Choosing a Beekeeping Suit

When you are beginning serious beekeeping, you will most likely decide that you want a suit specifically made for working with bees. You want the maximum protection, different options, and the best value for what you can afford. There are many brands out there, generally you can get a good sampling if you just search on Amazon. You can take a look and see the entire gamut of what might be out there, and then search out specific suppliers that you prefer and options you desire.

Suit material – the body of the suit is generally a cotton canvas, but there are more options now. When you are working outside in mid-day, you frequently will get quite warm in a full suit. Some suits allow more airflow and have ventilation layers of mesh. Airflow may help you be able to work longer at your beehives without overheating.

Veil attachments – the veil can be attached to the body of the suit in a number of ways: string closures, elastic or zippers. Zippers tend to be the best option because they hold up to movement and are more secure than the other closures. In addition, you can don and doff the items with zippers faster, which can be an issue if a bee gets inside your veil.

Veil – reported by most beekeepers as the most important part of the suit, you want to be sure to get a veil that you are comfortable with. If you have the opportunity, try on several different styles before you purchase. Prices vary widely so take a good look to purchase what you are most comfortable with, in use and in your wallet.

Square veil – most common and generally less expensive than other options. It is made up of a veil and a hat, quite often not sold together, so you could purchase the veil and attach it to a hat you already own. The veil is mesh and attaches to an independent hat.

Round veil – has a very large brim that may be hard for you to work with, but with this large area, the veil lets you see around you the best, with less restriction of peripheral vision.

Hood veil – this is one you most likely would like to try on before you purchase because how it hangs makes a huge difference in how much you can see while wearing it. Depending upon how a particular one fits you, the top can hang too low and the view at the sides can be limited.

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