Warre Hive Plans – A Beginner’s Guide

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Are you ready for a new hobby? Do you enjoy gardening and the gardening process? If so, here is some good news: beekeeping requires approximately the same effort as gardening! You already know as a gardener how important bees are for your produce and flowers, so beekeeping is a perfect adjunct to your gardening. Our bee population is in dire need of help, and as a beekeeper you can support this species. And reap a wonderful reward at the same time: your own delicious honey for your pantry or to supplement income.

With winter coming on, your gardening season has wound down and there is little to nothing you can do for the coming months to support your garden. This is the perfect time to check out this endeavor as bees won’t be available until spring for delivery. Do you have basic building skills? Can you cut wood, hammer nails, measure? In a weekend you can construct a Warre hive economically. Materials will run somewhere around $60. A beehive purchased from a supplier would run about $150, so your sweat equity will pay off!

Why a Warre Hive Construction Guide?

Nick Winters has written this guide to help you build this unique hive economically and rapidly. An accomplished beekeeper in his own right, he not only will help you learn to build your own hive, but will supply information that will be helpful to you in your beekeeping endeavors. With his Warre hive plans in hand, you will be able to get this project accomplished quickly. This PDF book is downloadable so you will have it in your hands right away. It explains the process in a very straightforward manner in 8 chapters, a total of 56 pages. You can download it to a variety of your electronic devices to have it on hand where you need it.

Not only do you get the PDF book, but you also will receive the training videos, toos and tips checklists, the Natural Beekeeping webinar, Mindmaps, resources to tutorial videos, and information from other beekeepers! It is a full course itself! You will be very prepared for your beekeeping endeavors.

The Benefits of a Warre Beehive

The Warre hive was designed in the 1900s by a French monk, Abbe Emile Warre, who worked with over 350 beehives over time and was searching for a user friendly beehive. He designed it to be easy to build, accessible to cultivate, fit the bees well, and provided a good way to harvest the desired honey.

His hive doesn’t use frames as most beehives do, but instead uses a top bar and a guide that assists the bees in building their honeycombs. Warre documented his discoveries and thoughts in a book titled Beekeeping for All. He also explained his rationale for designing his hive as he did, as well as the drawbacks and benefits of other systems.

The Warre beehive is attractive to many beekeepers because with the lack of frames, you do not need an extractor to harvest your honey. You won’t have a foundation, which in other hives generally has quite a bit of chemical added to it. Your bees will need much less disruption as you won’t need to fully inspect the hive as you would in other beehives. With the Warre beehive, you will simply add new boxes to the bottom, lifting off the tops ones that are full of honeycomb, ready to harvest and clean. One advantage of this is that your bees will not reuse honeycombs that can accumulate toxins and chemicals over time. Most beekeepers find that this is a less time intensive and physically taxing method of keeping bees.

What you will learn from this guide:

  • Presented in this guide is straightforward information on how to build your Warre beehive.
  • Low cost supplies to build the hive
  • Direct instruction combined with visuals, photos and diagrams on building without adding chemicals
  • Choosing your best supplies for the beehive buiding
  • How to easily assemble your beehive
  • How to efficiently and rapidly make the frame and top bars of the beehive
  • How to choose the best woods for your beehive
  • Placement decisions regarding your beehive in your area
  • Numerous detailed visuals with each step for each part of the hive


Included in the program:

  • Concrete directions on building Warre Hives with limited expense and time
  • When purchased now, you also get these free bonuses:
  • Free Bonus 1: Complete Parts Checklists and Plans
  • Free Bonus 2: 9 Step-by-step Training Videos
  • Free Bonus 3: Woodworking Tools, Tips, Checklists and Reports
  • Free Bonus 4: Natural Beekeeping Webinar and Mindmaps


Program Cost?

The natural Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0 will be at your fingertips for just $27.00, complete with all the bonuses to get you started on the right foot, with a plethora of resources. The price was intended to put it within the reach of all who may be interested in this wonderful endeavor.

With these plans and information, you will be able to construct your own beehive, safe for your bees and an excellent way to harvest your honey. Not only do we gain the benefit of the honey, but perhaps more importantly, building a bee population will help save your crops and perhaps even build your garden harvest. Bees pollinate so many of our favorite foods and we rarely think about it. Without our bees, we would lose our crops of apples, almonds, blueberries, cherries, peaches, watermelons, rapeseed, avocados, cucumbers, cranberries, blackberries, onions, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, raspberries, cantaloupe, pumpkins, squash, pears, plums, beans, and so many others.

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